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Solid State Logic meets time-to-market targets with OrCAD PSpice Designer

Read success story to learn how Solid State Logic utilized PSpice Designer' advanced capabilities with scalability and mitigated design risks before committing to copper.

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See How PSpice Is Leveraged in Different Industries

  • Automotive

    Overcoming Inter-Disciplinary Design Challenges

    PSpice helps industry-leading automotive companies to analyze their electronic circuits and improve design functionality and reliability helping them perform complete system level simulation study.

  • Power Supply

    Achieve Accuracy and High Performance

    PSpice has been used for power supply design simulation for years due to its accuracy, performance and mixed-signal simulation and system level analysis capabilities across multiple levels of abstraction.

  • Internet of Things

    Verifying your Internet of Things Devices

    PSpice's mixed signal simulation capabilities are used for sensors, actuators, monitoring and control devices as well as in communication devices which connect together to form the Internet of Things.

  • Educational

    Trusted Tool to support you in your Learning process

    Cutting-edge PSpice technology with easy to learn and use tools assist students and teaching professionals achieve success in their academic projects and ultimately in their career goals.


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